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Precision Magnetometers
and Magnetic Field Sources

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MEDA is the leading manufacturer of handheld fluxgate and search coil magnetometers for laboratory and general purpose use. MEDA also manufactures a line of space qualified magnetometers for satellite attitude determination and control applications.

Introducing the RM100 Nanotesla meter - the most accurate fluxgate magnetometer on the market.

The RM100 is the most accurate and stable fluxgate magnetometer on the market today with an accuracy of 0.01% and a stability of 0.5 ppm/C over the 5C to 50C temperature range. It is a significant update to the HSM-2 Station Magnetometer that was the standard for the last 30 years. Click here to go directly to the RM100 data page.

MEDA's FVM400 Vector Magnetometers is now Internet enabled.

FVM300 Web Banner.gif (879139 bytes) The FVM400 is a four line by sixteen character handheld three-axis fluxgate magnetometer that simultaneously displays the thee vector components of the magnetic field. It measures the three components of a dc magnetic field vector with a resolution of 1 nT over its range of 100,000 nT (1 Gauss). The four line display reduces the number of keystrokes required to view real time and recorded data. An RS232 interface is used to transfer data between the FVM400 and a PC COM port.

The FVM400 can also be controlled by a PC through its RS232 serial port. With the addition of the FM300 Network Server to the FM300 Front Panel software package that comes with every FVM400, you can now log data continuously to a disc file and acquire magnetic field data over the Internet. Click here to go directly to the FVM00 data page for more details.

The FVM400 can now be used with a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and a GPS receiver to log magnetic and position data in the field. The logging program is free. Click here to download the installation program (MagGPSce.exe). Click here to download the MagGPSce User's Manual.

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