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About Us

Precision Instruments for Measuring DC Magnetic Fields

MEDA is the leading source for instruments that measure weak DC magnetic fields from 0.5 nT to 200,000 nT. We use fluxgate technology to achieve accurate, precise and stable magnetic field measurements. Our instruments include single axis and three-axis models. The µMAG®, introduced in 1989 by MEDA, was the first handheld instrument to provide accurate and stable measurements of weak DC magnetic fields at an affordable price. In 1998 MEDA introduced the FVM400 Three-Axis Vector Magnetometer. The FVM400 is the first instrument of its kind to offer high performance measurements of DC magnetic field vector components in a handheld portable instument. Recently MEDA introduced the RM100 Nanotesla Meter - the most accurate fluxgate magnetometer on the market today. It replaces the HSM-2, which has been the standard for magnetic field measuring instruments over the last 30 years.

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