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About Us

AC Magnetic Field Sensors and Signal Conditioners

MEDA induction coil sensors are designed to measure weak magnetic fields from the sub-audio to the sub-radio frequencies (0.2 Hz to 200 kHz). Unlike conventional induction coil based sensors, the MEDA sensors use a current amplifier technique to achieve a frequency independent response over their entire bandwidth. For example the MGCH-2 AC magnetic field sensor, our lowest noise sensor, is ideal for measuring weak magnetic fields in the 10 Hz to greater than 200 kHz frequency band. Our MGC-3 sensor provides low noise and accurate performance in the 0.2 Hz to 1 kHz frequency range. We also manufacture portable battery operated signal conditioners which are specifically designed to power our sensors and to filter and amplify the sensor output. One of our low noise sensors combined with one of our signal conditioners is an ideal solution for accurately measuring very low level magnetic fields in the laboratory as well as in the field.

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