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MEDA AC magnetic field sensors use induction coils with ferromagnetic cores to sense the magnetic field produced by alternating electric currents. The signal from the coil is preamplified with a very low noise wideband current amplifier. The coil parameters such as length, number of turns, core magnetic properties and number of winding layers are matched to the amplifier properties to optimize the overall sensitivity and noise characteristics of the sensor.

The net result of MEDA's unique sensor design is a magnetic field sensor that is insensitive to the frequency of the measured field over a broad frequency range and can accurately measure very small AC magnetic fields.

MEDA offers three different AC sensor models:

mgch2a.jpg (102790 bytes)The MGCH-2 sensor  covers the 10 Hz to >100 kHz frequency band. Its noise performance in the 10 kHz to 100 kHz band is superior to any other sensor on the market. Noise at 10 kHz is <10 fT/sqrt Hz and at 100 kHz is <3 fT/sqrt Hz.

mgc1.jpg (145474 bytes)The MGC-1 sensor covers the 5 Hz to 10 kHz frequency band. It has lower noise than the MGCH-2 below 100 Hz. Noise at 10 Hz is < 0.5 pT/sqrt Hz and at 1 kHz is <20 fT/sqrt Hz.

mgc3a.jpg (83354 bytes)The MGC-3 sensor covers the 0.2 Hz to >1kHz frequency band. It has the lowest noise of the three sensors in this bandwidth. Noise at 0.2 Hz is <2.5 pT/sqrt Hz and at 1 kHz is <10 fT/sqrt Hz.

Our SAM-3 single channel and TCM-1a three channel signal conditioners are specifically designed to power and condition these sensors. Click here for technical information on these signal conditioners.

Download the MGCH-2 data sheet in PDF format.

Download the MGC-1 data sheet in PDF format.

Download the MGC-3 data sheet in PDF format.

This page was last updated on 10/28/03