dchhban.gif (8495 bytes)
products.gif (1326 bytes) catalog.gif (1907 bytes) dcfield.gif (1913 bytes)handhrev.gif (1541 bytes) umagbut.gif (1964 bytes) fm300.gif (1889 bytes) sales.gif (1933 bytes) reqinfo.gif (1493 bytes) The MEDA handheld DC field instruments use  fluxgate technology to measure DC and low frequency magnetic fields. Fluxgate magnetometers are noted for their high sensitivity, low power, reliable performance and robustness. MEDA offers two types of handheld fluxgate magnetometers:

The ÁMAG« Series of single axis magnetometers measure the vector component of the magnetic field that aligns with its sensitive axis.

FVM300 Web Banner.gif (879139 bytes) The FVM400 Vector Magnetometer is a four line by sixteen character three-axis handheld fluxgate magnetometer that simultaneously displays the thee vector components of the magnetic field to a resolution of 1 nT in 100,000 nT.

All MEDA handheld instruments are calibrated before shipment, and the calibration is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

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