FM300 Front Panel

  • Control magnetometer functions remotely

  • Download and record data stored in the FM300 data buffer and display it on the strip chart

  • Perform real time strip chart recording at a user selectable sample interval

  • Print the strip chart

  • Save strip chart data on disc in a spreadsheet compatible format

  • Retrieve and display previously saved data

  • Record and later display manual data

  • Retrieve data over the Internet from a remote FM300 Network Server

The FM300 Front Panel is a Windows 95/98/2000/NT  program that lets you control MEDA's line of vector magnetometers using a local PC COM port or Internet connection. You can set the coordinate system to rectangular or polar, change the mode of an individual component between  relative and absolute, take a single sample or initiate magnetometer data recoding functions.

You can also download recorded data from the magnetometer and display it on the strip chart or display real time data on the strip chart at an operator selectable sample interval. You can save displayed data to a disk file and retrieve it at a later time. If you wish to include the data in a report, simply load the data file into a spreadsheet, format it and graph it, then past it into a document.

You can also use the  FM300 Front Panel to control and retrieve data from a remotely located magnetometer that is connected to the internet using the FM300 Network Server

Download the FM300 Front Panel software package and take it for a test drive. MEDA has set up an FVM400 Network Server at After installing the software, use the FM300 Front Panel program to access data from our server. Use the default port number.

This page was last updated on 11/20/04 .