FM300 Network Server

  • Control magnetometer functions remotely

  • Download data stored in the FM300 Network Server data buffer

  • Download data log files

  • Use the FM300 Front Panel as a client or design your own client program

  • Complete description of server protocol included in manual

  • Monitor spatial variations in Earth's magnetic field using an array of magnetometers connected to the Internet

  • Access data from a fixed magnetometer installed anywhere in the world.

The FM300 Network Server is a Windows 95/98/NT  program that lets you log data from MEDA's line of vector magnetometers on a local computer hard drive and make the data available to client programs (such as the FM300 Front Panel) over the Internet.

The server has two modes of operation. In the single client mode, the remote client can take exclusive control of the FM300 on a first come first serve basis. In the multiple client mode, many remote clients can simultaneously download data from the server's buffer or from a previously saved data log file.

You do not need to use the FM300 Front Panel as the client program. The FM300 Network Server can be accessed using a simple Telnet connection or you can design your own client program. The instruction manual provides complete documentation of the server's protocol.

Download the FM300 Front Panel software package and take it for a test drive. MEDA has set up an FM300 Network Server at After installing the software, use the FM300 Front Panel program or Telnet to access data from our server. Use the default port number.

This page was last updated on 03/05/03 .