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about.gif (1405 bytes) products.gif (1326 bytes) catalog.gif (1907 bytes)newsrev.gif (1984 bytes) appnotes.gif (1447 bytes) email.gif (1264 bytes) MEDA Introduces the FVM400 Vector Magnetometer
Herndon, VA. April 18, 2000 - MEDA announced the addition of the FVM400 to its line of 3-axis digital handheld vector magnetometers for general purpose low level magnetic field measurements.

MEDA to Manufacture and Sell the HSM-2 Station Magnetometer
Herndon, VA/Kearneysville, WV - March 1, 1999 - MEDA and Schonstedt Instrument company have entered into a licensing agreement in which MEDA will take over the sales, manufacturing, repair and calibration of the HSM-2 Station Magnetometer.

MEDA Introduces the FM300 Vector Magnetometer
Herndon, VA - March 16, 1998 - MEDA, the first company to manufacture a single axis handheld fluxgate magnetometer, today announced the introduction of a three-axis handheld fluxgate magnetometer called the FM300 Vector Magnetometer.

MEDA Announces  a Handheld Fluxgate Magnetometer with Interchangeable Sensors
Herndon, VA - March 16, 1998 - MEDA has enhanced its ÁMAG« line of single axis handheld fluxgate magnetometers by adding the ÁMAG«-03 with interchangeable sensor probes.

MEDA Nominated for the SBA Small Business Subcontractor of the Year Award
Herndon, VA - March 2, 1998 -  Lockheed Martin has nominated MEDA for the Small Business Administration's "Subcontractor of the Year" award.


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