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MEDA Introduces the FM300, the First Handheld Fluxgate Vector Magnetometer

Herndon, VA, March 16, 1998: MEDA, a major manufacturer of fluxgate and search coil magnetometers, today announced the introduction of a three-axis handheld fluxgate vector magnetometer. The vector magnetometer, model FM300, is the first handheld three-axis fluxgate magnetometer to reach the marketplace. Its full scale measurement range of 100,000 nanotesla (1 Gauss) with a resolution of 1 nanotesla (0.01 milligauss), 0.02% of full scale linearity and basic accuracy of 0.25% traceable to NIST are unprecedented in a handheld magnetometer.

The FM300 uses fluxgate sensors to measure the three orthogonal vector components of a magnetic field. The fluxgate sensor probe, which is connected to a handheld electronics unit by a thin flat modular telephone cord, can be located up to 100 feet from the electronics unit.

A two line by sixteen character LCD displays the field values and instrument status. Significant features include user selectable measurement units (nanotesla, microtesla or milligauss), user selectable vector measurement coordinate system (rectangular or polar), absolute or relative display of vector components, 2.5 volt analog output signals for external data recording and remote operation through an RS232 connection.

Two nine-volt batteries power the FM300. With Lithium batteries, the FM300 can operate continuously for up to twelve hours. If there is no front panel keypad activity for ten minutes, the FM300 will power down to conserve battery energy.

Typical applications for the FM300 include shielding effectiveness measurements, measurement of the magnetic properties of materials, magnetic screening of parts, package inspection and general purpose weak magnetic field measurements.

The FM300 is available now. The list price in single quantities is $3,950. Quantity discounts are available for orders of five units or more.

Contact: Barbara Vayda, (703)471-1445; e-mail: