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MEDA Introduces a Replaceable Sensor Version of its mMAG Handheld Fluxgate Magnetometer

Herndon, VA, March 16, 1998: MEDA, the manufacturer who introduced the first handheld fluxgate magnetometer in 1989, today announced the introduction of a replaceable sensor version of the mMAG handheld fluxgate magnetometer. The new version allows the user to interchange probes without loss of accuracy.

Some applications require a longitudinal probe and others a transverse probe. The new version, called the mMAG-03, can be purchased as a single magnetometer with one or more interchangeable sensor probes instead of buying two separate magnetometers with dedicated probes. With the mMAG-03 the user selects the best probe for the application.

The mMAG-03 has the same specifications as the other magnetometers in the mMAG series. It has three ranges ( 2000, 200 and 20 milligauss), a basic accuracy of 0.5% traceable to NIST, linearity of 0.02% of full scale, a 2 volt analog output, and a 3 digit LCD display. Resolution on the 20 milligauss scale is 1 nanotesla (0.01 milligauss). The mMAG-03N includes controls for canceling the local ambient field so that small changes in the field can be detected and accurately measured.

The mMAG-03 is available now. The mMAG-03 comes with a single probe and is priced at $895 in unit quantities. Additional probes for the mMAG-03 can be purchased for $295 apiece.

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