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MEDA Nominated For Small Business Subcontractor of the Year Award

Herndon, VA, March 2, 1998: Steve Macintyre, President of MEDA, is pleased to announce the nomination, by Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space, of Macintyre Electronic Design Associates (MEDA), Inc. for the United States Small Business Administration’s " Small Business Subcontractor of the Year " award for its work in providing highly reliable magnetometers for satellite attitude determination and control. This honor places MEDA in contention for national recognition, to be awarded during the annual Small Business Week, June 1998.

MEDA, founded in 1980, is a design-engineering, consulting and manufacturing firm which develops state-of-the-art electronic equipment for government agencies and private industry. A unique specialization of MEDA is the design of very sensitive low noise magnetometers for measuring AC and DC magnetic fields.

Satellite and space related work in which MEDA has been involved includes the GOES program, Gravity Probe B, SBIRS-LOW, the IMAGE program, technical support for the Hubble Space Telescope and assistance to Orbital Science Corporation’s Orbcom program.

In addition to Orbital Science Corporation, MEDA numbers among its’ customers, Lockheed Martin Astro Space, Space Systems / Loral, Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space, Lockheed Martin Astronautics and TRW.

 Contact: Barbara Vayda, (703)471-1445; e-mail: