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MEDA Introduces the FVM400
 Three-Axis Vector Magnetometer

Herndon, VA. 18 April, 2000: MEDA announced the addition of the FVM400 to its line of 3-axis digital handheld vector magnetometers for general purpose low level magnetic field measurements. The FVM400 is the first model to simultaneously present all three vector components of the magnetic field, in either polar or rectangular coordinates, on a four line by sixteen character LCD display. Its 0.25 % accuracy and 1 nT resolution over a 100,000 nT range place the FMV400 in a class by itself. Its RS232 interface and accompanying software provides strip chart and data logging capabilities, remote control of FVM400 functions and data acquisition over the Internet. Customers for the FVM400 include scientists and engineers involved in health care, product development, satellite design and construction, aircraft safety, geological surveys, shielding effectiveness measurements, magnetic sensor calibration and other related activities.

The FVM400 features also include three user selectable field units (nT, mT or mG), normal or relative (delta) display modes, six analog outputs and three data recording methods (7.5 seconds, 30 seconds and manual). The FM300 Software package that comes with each FVM400 includes the FM300 Front Panel program and the FM300 Network Server program. Both of these programs control the acquisition of FVM400 data through an RS232 connection to a serial port of a PC.