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The TAM-1 and TAM-2 series of space qualified fluxgate magnetometers offer the satellite attitude control system designer a lot of flexibility:
  • Field ranges from ±100 to ±1000 mG
  • Biased and or unbiased outputs
  • ±2.5, ±5.0, ±10.0 or 0 to 5 output voltage ranges
  • The TAM-1 series offers up to three outputs per axis
  • Operate from standard 28 volt power buss
  • A calibration coil around each axis
  • Wide operating temperature range

The two fluxgate magnetometers differ in their physical configuration.

The TAM-1 has a fluxgate sensor unit that is separate from the electronics unit. The sensor can be located outside the satellite platform on a boom where it is less influenced by magnetic sources within the spacecraft. The sensor can operate over the much wider temperature range (-90șC to +80șC) required of instruments in this severe environment.

The TAM-2 integrates the fluxgate sensor and the electronics into one package. It is a compact low power magnetometer that is suitable for use where an external sensor is not needed.

The standard acceptance tests include:

  • Dimensional and visual inspection
  • Performance test at the operating temperatures
  • Random vibration to the customer's specified levels
  • Thermal cycle and burn-in to the customer's specification
  • Final inspection

The customer can specify additional tests if the environmental requirements are more severe than the current magnetometer qualification levels.

Each delivered satellite magnetometer is accompanied by an End-Item-Data Package that includes its manufacturing history, acceptance test results, all required certifications and as-built documentation.

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