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The MEDA magnetic field sources generate accurate and uniform magnetic fields in a control volume. The sources use Helmholtz coils driven by control currents to produce stable magnetic fields from 1 nT to 200,000 nT. The accuracy of the field in the control volume is better than 0.05% of the setting. These sources are suitable for
  • Calibrating DC and low frequency magnetic field sensors or magnetometers,
  • Measuring the induced and permanent magnetic properties of objects such as satellites,
  • Dynamic shielding of a control volume, and
  • Studying the biological effects of magnetic fields.

A non-magnetic thermal control system that can be used to control the temperature of devices under test can be added to the coil system. Contact MEDA for details.

Download the HCS-01 series data sheet in PDF format.

This page was last updated on 11/23/04